Oh my Tigger! This boy is something special! He is playful, inquisitive, oh so smart, loving, and just about the sweetest little boy I have every had. He is beautiful inside and out. Tigger is out of my direct line, on his mother's side, I started with many, many years ago. His father has a beautiful, and very rare, deep red coat with black tipping on the ends. Tigger is toy in size standing 10 inches at the shoulder and weighing 8 pounds. He is very square, regularly built, with long beautiful legs. In his background the colors are: deep red, bright red, deep red with black tipping, apricot, black, cream, chocolate, and silver. There is from tiny 2 pound t-cups to large toy sizes in his background. He is a proven stud, producing so far: deep reds, reds, red with the black tipping, deep apricots, and red and white parti-color. Tigger has a very thick curly coat, with this trait passing on to his offspring. He also produces a variety of sizes in his offspring, depending on the size and background of the female he has bred to. Tigger has a large white blaze on his chest which is a beautiful contrast to the deep red of his coat. He has a beautiful face with black expressive eyes. His ear leather is very long, which prettily frames his face. Tigger and his DNA are registered with the American Kennel Club.

Registered Name: Michelle's Wonderful Tigger

Tigger has been retired. He is the now the much adored sweetheart of the Reisiger family.



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