If there was ever one so dear to my heart, it has to be Scarlet! She has been the perfect friend, companion, snuggle bug, what can I say...the perfect poodle. She is getting older now, and will be retired this year. She has by far and wide produced the finest babies that have been born here. They have all had her gentle spirit, her very beautiful face, thick tight curly coats, and her long ear leather. Pearl, Paddy, and Rose listed here in the Dams and Sires pages are three of her babies. The colors in her background are: red, apricot, white, cream, and silver. She has a wonderful background with Consentino, Fogle and other fine names. Scarlet is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Registered Name: Shyken's Katy Scarlet

This very sweet little old lady has been retired and spayed. She will stay here with us and be loved and cherished for the sweetheart she is.



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