Petey lives up to the name of Little Rascal. He brings such joy and laughter into our lives! He is very close to my husband and I, and is our shadow. Petey is a very beautiful tiny black and white parti-color. He barely weighs 4 pounds, but has a perfectly square and finely built body. His face has such a sweet expression, and his long ear leather frames his face nicely. His coat is VERY thick and when I cut it into his summer cut, it is just like velvet. Petey is very loving, and is happiest in our arms or lap.  Petey's mother is Ashley, my stunningly pretty blue-black female. His father is Dee's Sterling, the tiny sterling silver son of Ch. Hunt's Imp Power with Words. Petey has produced very fine and beautifully marked puppies of T-cup, small toy, and toy size. He has produced me several tiny rare sable and whites. The colors in his background are; silver, black and white, chocolate, white, red, and apricot. His lines are: Hunt, Wilson, Knight, and Sherry Helf. Petey and his DNA are registered with the American Kennel Club.

Registered Name: Fillingame's Little Rascal



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