Midnight is a very pretty, and nicely square built small toy female. She is a solid black with the thickest, and curliest coat, which she always passes on to her offspring. Both her parents were are silver beige, and she carries heavy deep chocolate in her background. There are many of the Sassi, and Sharbelle champions behind her. Midnight went from 5 1/2 pounds to now 6 1/2 pounds, as she has matured and gotten a bit older. She has made the best mother, caring for her pups with a protective instinct of a lion. She keeps her babies well fed, spotlessly clean, and still wants to care for them long after they have been weaned. In her past litters, she has produced some of the most absolutely gorgeous deep chocolate, silver beige, blue, black, and red apricot babies. Most of the sizes she has produced have been the small or tiny toy sizes, although she has produce several t-cups. There has been no health factors in the puppies she has produced, all have been very sound in body and build. Midnight has a quiet personality, and is very attached to me. She is very loving, and extremely loyal. The colors in her pedigree are: silver beige, brown, black, and silver. Midnight is registered with the AKC.

Registered Name: Unicorn's Midnight



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