This absolute sweetheart was named right, there is just "something" very special about Mary.  She is the epitome of the gentle, sweet, and loving nature you would want from a beloved pet. Mary is very affectionate, and is most content in your arms or lap. She has an angelic face, with the soft sweet expressions that reflect her gentle nature and temperament.  Mary carries the colorings of the heavy chocolate in her background, with the liver colored nose, and green eyes. When she was young she was the color of a Kraft caramel. She has since lightened a bit, but still has a very pretty creamy caramel coloring. Mary's father is Keno, my very beautiful chocolate and white Parti-colored male. Even though Mary is a solid color, she did produce parti-colors in her last litter when bred to Petey. Mary's mother is my Midnight, a black female with very heavy chocolate and silver beige in her background. Mary is a large toy, but usually produces smaller than herself. She seems to pass on her very sweet temperament and beautiful face and body to her offspring. She carries the Sharbelle, Sassi, Southampton, and Luv-In lines. Mary is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Registered Name: Phil's Something About Mary



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