When Julie was born, she was so deep red, we weren't sure if she was chocolate, mahogany, or a deep cinnamon red. From the beginning you could tell she was a little girl just by looking at her. We wanted to name her the most feminine name we could think of, hence Juliette. Julie has the prettiest face, perfect square body, with a finely built bone structure. She is very sweet and tender natured, and loves to be cuddled and kissed.  Julie is a tiny little girl, just weighing in at 4 pounds. This weight ended up being a bit of a surprise to us since she was not tiny to begin with, but a roly-poly butter ball. We have great expectations on the puppies that will be produced in the near future. We are hoping that Julie will pass on her gorgeously thick deep red coat, beautiful sweet face, and square and finely built bone structure to her puppies. Her father is our Chief, and mother is our Jazzy. Juliette truly is a Fillingame's Perfect Moment!  Julie is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Registered Name: Fillingame's Perfect Moment

Julie has been retired. She was spayed after her C-section, and is now being spoiled and loved along with Pearl by their new owner Marcia S.



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