Most children's stories that have a beautiful princess in them, begin with the opening phrase of "Once Upon A Time". Gwendolyn is our storybook princess, with the heart of gold and the sweet gentle personality. A friend of mine brought me his female, Midnight, and her very tiny two week old puppy. He begged me to try and save this little girl, as she was so tiny and weak he was afraid he was going to lose her. This puppy was very special to him, because on the day she was born her father, his very tiny dark red male, Red Willy, had passed away. He knew I had a knack for saving these tiny ones, and felt I was her only hope for survival. He was so certain she was not going to make it, that he said "if you can save her, she is yours, you will have earned it." All he hoped for in return was that someday he could get a tiny red male back from her, if she survived. I not only saved this little princess, but she flourished under my care and watchful eye. When it came time to give her mother back, I had also grown very attached to her during her stay with me. I asked to purchase her mother, Midnight from him, and would keep mother and daughter together. I was astonished that he agreed to sell me his very sweet and beautiful female, Midnight. Gwen is very finely built with those long, beautiful, poodle legs. She weighs just a tad over 4 pounds, and is very tiny and feminine with her long ear leather and sweet face. She has produced two very tiny t-cups, one a deep dark red female, the other a black male. The other three were tiny toy size of 3 to 4 pounds, 2 were deep red and a 1 black. Her father, Unicorn's Red Willy, was line bred red. She also has the deep chocolate, silver beige, black, and apricot colors in her background She is from mostly tiny to small size toys in her background. Like in any good fairy tale, yes, we were able to save the tiny princess in distress, and she is living happily ever after here with her mommy and us. Gwen is registered with the AKC.

Registered Name: Fillingame's Once Upon A Time



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