When Aimee was just a few weeks old, David, a fellow breeder and my closest friend, saw her and wanted to purchase her on the spot. I promised to hold her for him, and said we would work the details out we she was old enough to be picked up and taken home. My dearest friend passed away two weeks after that conversation. As a tribute to David, I never sold Aimee, and named her Fillingame's Mon Aimee, meaning "my friend" in French. Aimee is as dear to my heart as David was, and just having her around helps me not miss him so much! Aimee has a very loving and gentle disposition. She is a fantastic mother, caring for her puppies with complete devotion. Aimee is a pretty red with white on her chest and on her paws. She is more solidly built, with a VERY thick curly coat. In Aimee's first litter I thought I would experiment and breed her to my black and white parti-colored male, Petey. They produced the prettiest, most beautifully marked tiny sable and white and black and white parti's, along with some solid colors. Her next litter I bred her to Paddy, and have gotten beautiful reds, red with white markings, and an apricot. The whole litter is very tiny in size. Aimee is the daughter of Torry and Tina, the niece of Rose, and the granddaughter of Scarlet. Aimee is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Registered Name: Fillingame's Mon Aimee



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