Rose our Apricot Poodle

Pictured above is Tim our 4 pound Red Champion-sired male out of the Sherfame Champion Reds. 



Two T-cup, Toy Deep Red Poodle Puppies

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cava-Tese
and Cava-Poo's

Cava-tese Puppies currently available.

(Mom Cavalier, Dad Maltese)

Marilyn our Parti-Colored Poodle Puppy

Maltese and

(1 Male Puppy Currently Available)

Fillingame Kennels Quality Silver, Deep Red, Red, Apricot, Black, and Parti-Colored Toy and T-Cup Poodles

 This Slide Show Features Puppies From Past Litters.


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Heads Up News About Our High Quality T-Cup and Toy Poodles

Last Updated: November 11, 2014


I prefer a phone call for the first contact
 rather than an email.
  (205) 646-0032

****************************************************************************** We have no females bred at this time. So these pups listed will be the only available pups I will have for awhile. I just got out of the hospital after a month and a half stay in MICU, and CICU. I need to recover from the 3 open heart surgeries, and pneumonia, so for the next few months I will be taking it a little easier, and trying to get stronger. Thanks for all the concerned calls, and "Get Well Wishes" I have received from friends and the families who have some of my babies. I love and appreciate you all. And I would like to give a shout-out of thanks to all the wonderful medical staff at Shelby Baptist Hospital in Alabaster, AL. Thanks for saving my life!  ******************************************************************************


We now have videos of the puppies that are pictured on our "Puppies for Sale" Page. Please click on the Hyperlink below the pictures for information regarding the puppy, and to see them "In Action".



We have added the Skype program to our computer. We are now able to have live video sessions where you can see the puppies in real time, and see just where and how they are raised. If you have the Skype program, or can download it on your computer, you can call and schedule an appointment for a live chat and video session to see a puppy you might be interested in, or one you have put a deposit on and is being held till ready. You will need to have a high speed internet connection to be able to run this program effectively.


*Puppies Available*



09/26/14 Our Black with White Markings Poodle female, Cloe, gave birth to 2 males, and 1 female by our Red and White Male, Tommy.

1) Ice White female............................................$950.00

2) Red and White Small Male.............................$850.00

3) Black with White Markings Tiny Male............$850.00

09/27/14  Our small red female, Jadin, gave birth to 2 very tiny lighter red females. I do believe that these two little girls will be t-cup in size full grown. The Father is our red t-cup male, Billy.

1) 2 T-cup lighter red females..................................$1500.00 each

Photos and Videos will be posted on these babies in about 2 weeks.



*Cava-tese & Cava-poo Puppies*

These Puppies are from a breeding of our "Pure" CKC registerd Blenheim Cavalier King Charles female, and our "Pure" AKC registered Maltese male. Even though both parents are AKC registered, these puppies can not be registered with the AKC as they are now considered a "mixed breed.

08/27/14 Our female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gave birth to 2 males and 1 female Cava-tese puppies. Father of this litter is our registered Maltese male Luke.

1) Red and white female......................Sold

2) Red and White Smaller Male ..........................$750.00

3) Red and White Larger Male............................$750.00



Adult Dogs

We are looking for selected homes to place our older retired dogs. We are looking for homes that have no small children, since many of these guys have not been around children in the past 4 and a half years. We will give preference to homes that consist of older adults. These dogs will not be for breeding, so they will not be given away with their A.K.C. paperwork, and will be given on a spay or neuter contract. We have both males and females available. We have always kept our older retired dogs in the past, but I feel that even though they are dearly loved here, it would be so much better for them to be in a home where they are the one and only, or one of two, than to be here and be one of many.






































































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